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In Our Corner: Commercial Printing Rockford

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Established in Rockford more than 70 years ago, Commercial Printing Rockford is a woman-owned small business serving clients nationwide. Commercial Printing offers graphic design and production of business and promotional materials for commercial and private customers.

Commercial Printing is the oldest printing company in Rockford, Illinois. Owner Rebecca "Becky" Hillburst learned the trade from her father, who started the company in 1948. Together with Graphics Designer Darcie Powelson, who has been with the company for 27 years, Becky has grown her father's little shop to a thriving business. Their achievements have been recognized with prestigious awards such as National Small Business of the Year, Congressional Subcontractor of the Year, the U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator's Award for Excellence, the U.S. Defense Contracting Management Agency's Award for Outstanding Contributions to the U.S. Department of Defense, and Regional Subcontractor of the Year for reliability, integrity, initiative, and capability.

Commercial Printing trade show booth display

Despite national acclaim and success, Becky's heart and focus remain with her local community. New business owners designing their first business cards, fiancees planning wedding invitations, local artists needing concert posters - Becky uses the wide range of capabilities at Commercial Printing to serve the needs of the individual members of her local community. Attendees to the region's charitable fundraisers like marathons, raffles, dinners, dances, theatrical productions, and other events benefiting Veterans associations, seniors, shelters, and the Buy Local movement have likely held or read printed materials donated by Commercial Printing of Rockford.

The employees at Commercial Printing realize that their main competitor is not another printing company; it's the internet. Commercial Printing differentiates itself by providing personal service impossible with a generic online order form. Individual design, graphics and formatting, next-day delivery, supplementary products, and flexible pricing are a few of the ways that Commercial Printing tailors their products for the specific customer.

Commercial Printing networking luncheon

Commercial Printing is the perfect starting point for any small business. Entrepreneurs sit with Becky and Darcie to plan how branding can communicate a company's strengths and values to a customer with a simple business card. Commercial Printing offers a wide range of marketing materials with great impact, and they help develop strategies that are affordable to a new business. Becky goes above and beyond the products of a print shop to help new businesses, though. Being deeply integrated within her community, Becky also provides referrals to boost the newcomer's network of business connections.

We asked Becky to sit for a video for this post, and talk about her company. The careful observer will see that she could not speak about her business for 4 minutes without giving a shout-out to her assistant, to us, and to the neighboring businesses on her block. We are honored to present Rebecca Hillburst, our vendor and friend.

Commercial Printing logo

Commercial Printing can be reached at 815-965-4759. Tell them RBG sent you!


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