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In Our Corner: Encore Speaking

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Does the thought of public speaking make you nervous? We relish every opportunity to be heard by an audience! Encore Speaking gives us the skill and confidence we need to stand out when communicating in person.

The most highly sought skill in corporate America is the ability to stand and speak with confidence. People who do not have communication skills are at an unnecessary disadvantage. They are overlooked, held back, and skipped over, mainly because they are unable to communicate effectively.

Most of us can relate to the frustration of an awkward speaker. As the speaker fidgets and “umm-s”, the audience's attention wanders and focuses on anything other than the speech. The message is lost on bored and restless listeners.

Debra Blazer began providing professional development and workshops for educators in 2008, helping hundreds of individuals learn how to create and deliver powerful presentations that motivate, inspire, and persuade with ease. Along the way, Debra saw that the challenge of public speaking was not limited to those working in education.

A lack of communication skills is an unnecessary disadvantage.

“Year after year, I’d listen to variety of messages from businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals interviewing for jobs, and it broke my heart knowing that when more than half of these individuals spoke, the audience would tune out, their eyes would glaze over, and sometimes they were looking at their phones instead of listening to the speaker,” Debra explains.

Watching and hearing people struggle with public speaking bothered Debra so much that she decided to do something about it.

In 2018, Debra founded Encore Speaking, shifting from solely coaching educators to include anyone who has ever suffered from the fear of public speaking, with advanced courses for professionals who are comfortable with public speaking but want to sharpen their skills.

Most people want to be better speakers and communicators, but they really don’t know where to start. (Debra Blazer, Certified World Class Speaking™ Coach)

Debra has helped people change from timid presenters to dynamic speakers, from being deathly afraid of public speaking to carefree, relaxed, and confident communicators who are comfortable speaking about any topic to any size group.

Encore Speaking is a communication coaching business that offers individual, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and corporate training.

Encore Speaking clients include:

And, of course, RBG Janitorial

Encore Speaking focuses on you, your needs, and your speaking goals. You will learn a set of skills that you can use on the job, in a social setting, and even at home.

Debra Blazer is the go-to expert on the topic of speaking to groups. She is the creator of the Successful Speaking Blueprint©, an easy to use plan that you use to create speech after speech regardless of the topic. Debra is a Certified World Class Speaking™ Coach and Distinguished Toastmaster.

At RBG Janitorial, we are grateful to have Debra Blazer in our corner!


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