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In our corner: the SBDC

We are one of the lucky companies flourishing under the guidance and support of the Small Business Development Center. This month we spotlight Edward Caceres, SBDC Business Consultant.

Edward Caceres has worked with us since the inception of our small business in January 2018. His influence within the scope of duties at the SBDC is directly related to the success of our first year in business.

Edward has firsthand experience of starting a small business combined with vast knowledge of resources available to businesses of limited financial means. Edward also brings complete attention to those he serves, so that he has a deep understanding of what each company offers, and what it needs. Edward has the unique ability to comprehend company goals and then connect business owners with relevant local service providers, companies, organizations, and other support within the local area and the scope of realistic practicality.

For example, in our first meeting, Edward provided us with specific venues for immediate implementation of marketing at no more cost than time. He gave us a list of relevant networking groups including meeting dates and names of key people. The contacts we have made based on these suggestions have had immediate effect on the growth of our company and have become permanent processes in our organization.

We believe the greatest skill that Edward brings to any position is his inventiveness in finding assistance for those whom he serves. In comprehending our company’s goals, Edward connected us to companies in his care – new, small businesses like our own – that provide services we need. This had the immediate effect of providing new customers for new companies, but also initiated a network of support among us small businesses. We pool our information, ideas, and services for strength and growth at the grassroots level.

Edward further supports this grassroots development with direct action of his own.

In addition to combing through the photo and video footage we have on file, Edward himself recorded interviews, our crews at work, and training sessions, and converted these to marketing videos – with advice on where, when, and how to share these to our best advantage. He verified all digital marketing processes we currently have in place, and helped us to understand, manage, and expand our online resources.

He has arranged countless seminars, small businesses speaking to small businesses, speaking from our own experience to the benefit of all. These are well organized, well executed, and well attended, and add to the environment of local growth.

No recommendation of Edward’s performance would be complete without reference to his personality. Edward is at all times entirely focused on helping business owners achieve their goals. His professionalism, though, is permeated by an underlying warmth that gives the impression of genuine enthusiasm. This combination of practical competence and creative thinking is rare; blending analytical thinking and innovative ingenuity with optimism is what makes Edward unique. He’s like a computer that smiles.

Edward’s dexterity enables him to master any challenge. He brings strength and opportunity to those around him. Blessed is the organization that grows under his direction, for they will surely thrive.


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