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In our corner: We Rock the Spectrum!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

A playhouse designed to excite without over-stimulating children? That rocks! This month we spotlight We Rock the Spectrum in New Orleans.

The only kids' gym that offers an inclusive philosophy for kids of all abilities to play and learn together
Baby crying

Playgrounds are always an exciting place. Every parent expects at least one tantrum when the child is over-stimulated. For children on the autism spectrum, over-stimulation can cause a complete shutdown. We Rock the Spectrum (WRTS) is a place for play, exercise, games, and lessons that nurture and sooth at the same time.

We Rock the Spectrum New Orleans invited RBG Janitorial to help create a cleaning program

WRTS Director of Outreach Elizabeth Campbell invited RBG Janitorial to tour the WRTS gym in New Orleans and provide consulting services for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces used by small children. While there, we met with General Manager Rabia Sayid, who provided great insight on the special requirements of a "play, learn, explore, and relax" environment for ages infant to adult. Together we were able to create a cleaning routine that safeguards against germs as well as any type of sensitivity toward chemicals.

When cleaning this type of environment, you pretty much have to assume that a mouth might touch every surface.

Our kids came, too!

The best part about touring the WRTS gym was that we were allowed to bring our kids along! When we left, the kids were happy and talkative about the friends they had made and the games they had played and the new things they learned. There was not a single tantrum from any child the entire time we were there.

WRTS has no programs that intimidate children of lesser abilities, or ones that segregate children who want to play together. Instead, we found a fun, enticing, inclusive environment full of awesome equipment meant to help children grow and learn while they play and use up the energy we all know kids have.

An inclusive environment full of awesome equipment for all kids to grow and learn while at play

The only kids' gym that offers an inclusive philosophy, WRTS provides uniquely designed sensory equipment specifically devised to aid children with sensory processing disorders. The great thing is that children of all ability levels are able to benefit greatly from this equipment. By playing together together in an inclusive environment, kids are able to learn a great deal from each other and become the best motivation for success on every level.

We Rock the Spectrum New Orleans was opened by Brandi Boyd after visiting a similar gym with her family. Brandi tells her story in the video below.

If you have special requirements for cleaning your facility, RBG Janitorial can create a cleaning program that's right for you, help you find the cleaning products best suited to your needs, and help you train your staff in proper cleaning methods to maintain a safe and healthy environment for work or play. Contact us today for more information.


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