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Complete janitorial maintenance for your facilities

Finally, a service that meets all of your needs. 

You have a lot on your plate.

You don't need another call that the hallways are dirty and the restrooms are out of paper. 

Let us handle your facility maintenance, so you can concentrate on your real job.

Get the perfect balance between your facility's maintenance needs and your budget.

Quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly frequency

Whether you need day porters and nightly cleaning crews, a weekly pass-through, or quarterly deep cleaning, we've got you covered. 

RBG can combine general maintenance with periodic deep cleaning and sanitation to keep your facility at its best, so you don't have to worry about scheduling.

Pick a general level of service.


We can tweak it later.

All-inclusive packages

Never run out of anything, and save money at it.

RBG Janitorial staff restock your inventory of paper and plastic supplies as part of regular janitorial maintenance. It's that easy.

Basic cleaning schedules

Nothing fancy, just great service, professional staff, efficient cleaning, and low cost.

Detailed sanitation options

Keep your facility looking fresh and presentable.

Remove spots and gum from the carpet and give the floors a buff. 

Dust the vents, get bugs out of the light fixtures, remove cobwebs and fingerprints, and get clean to the corners.

Carpet care

Deep clean your carpets. Disinfect and deodorize them, and schedule regular maintenance to keep them that way.

With smart scheduling, flexible levels of detail, and highly trained staff,  RBG Janitorial services can be tailored to give you the best care for the best price.

Hard surface floor care

Buffing, strip and wax, refinishing - we do it all, better than anyone. You won't believe the difference, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Window cleaning

Give the world a better view of you. Exterior or inside and out, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and quarterly service contracts, at extremely affordable rates.

Cubicle cleaning

​Cubicle walls - go look at them. You probably don't need to replace them. We can give them a good cleaning, make them almost like new. They'll smell better, too. 

Tile & grout cleaning

If you need this, you don't need us to explain. Just know that we can fix it for you.

Floor matting programs

Clean and deodorize your floor mats. And yes, we can even get you new ones.

Upholstery cleaning

Protect and preserve your furniture and upholstery. Remove allergens and stains for a clean, fresh environment. 

Thanks! Message sent.

​Walk with us through your facility to see what you need and how much we can fit into your budget.

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