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Stop paying the costs of a cleaning staff.

Why hire?

Hiring a cleaning company is less expensive than staffing your own janitors. You save the cost of hiring employees, like payroll taxes, insurance and other benefits, vacation and sick leave. You don't have to train them, or take staff away from the tasks for which you actually hired them.

A professional cleaning service has access to industrial-grade cleaning supplies and standardized methods of maintenance and sanitation. A well trained custodial staff managed by a professional service means full coverage year-round. When hiring a janitorial company, all you pay for is the service provided. 

Detailed bathroom cleaning


$ - Employee expenses:

  • Insurance

  • Benefits

  • Sick leave

  • Vacation

  • Retirement

  • Matching payroll taxes

$ - Cleaning supplies

$ - Janitorial equipment

$ - Bathroom and breakroom supplies

RBG provides the employees, the cleaning supplies, and the maintenance equipment to keep your facility looking its best.  Every cleaning crew, from one person a week to a 24/7 custodial staff, is monitored by a supervisor, who also serves as contact for your questions, concerns, and additional requests.


What's more, RBG has decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and understands the demands of your facility. RBG cleaning crews are highly trained in state-of-the-art cleaning products and methods. Your facility is more than clean; it's sanitized by a professional cleaning company.

A clean workspace improves company pride, employee safety and hygiene, and makes a more professional impression on your customers.

RBG has established a reputation for by excellence providing the best cleaning services in Rockford since 1999. All RBG employees are trained in proper cleaning methods and products for daily cleaning and deep sanitizing of hard or soft surfaces. RBG provides the necessary equipment, products, and people to maintain your facility at the highest standards of cleanliness.

Office bathroom cleaning
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