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Not Exactly a Startup

How RBG Janitorial came to be


A new broom sweeps clean but the old broom knows the corners. -Irish saying


Ron Brubaker originally founded Rockriver Buildings and Grounds, a company providing commercial and industrial janitorial and landscaping services, in 1999. After decades of success due to unparalleled professionalism and quality of service, Ron teamed up with his son Brad to take service to a whole new level. Together, the family established RBG Supply, a B2B warehousing company, to provide industrial cleaning products.

RBG Supply logo
The original RBG Supply logo

Over the years, their product lines expanded exponentially from janitorial supplies to include janitorial equipment, food service disposables, packaging and warehouse supplies, and floor mat sales and rental. R.B.& G. continued to provide outstanding janitorial services and RBG Supply provided products and equipment at unmatched prices. R.B. & G. and RBG Supply worked together to provide Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin with expertise in products and services at the best pricing available. Their staff was trained with exceptional knowledge of and access to chemicals, equipment, and products, to provide Rockriver Buildings and Grounds customers with perfect solutions for their specific needs.

In January 2017, Ron sold RBG Supply and began searching for a partner to continue the R.B. & G. tradition of excellent service, deep expertise, and a prosperous environment for clients and employees. In October 2017, Ron approached Eva Kretschmar, a previous employee who had served both as Outside Sales Rep for RBG Supply and in janitorial and supervisory roles at Rock River Buildings and Grounds. Besides working with Ron in the past, Eva has a strong background in sales, marketing, communication, and management.

Ron affirmed, “Eva exceeded my hopes for someone I can partner with. Together, we will be able to provide many new services and areas of expertise in the future.”

RBG Janitorial was founded on January 22, 2018, as a certified woman-owned small business. Eva mainly brings organizational changes to RBG, geared toward the growth of the company as a whole. Ron continues as an employee of RBG Janitorial, responsible for training new employees, quality assurance, inspections, and key account management.

“The new company structure brings more availability for direct contact with our clients. We trust that this increased communication will help us provide the best service possible,” Eva explained regarding the acquisition. “Ron and I are very different people, but we trust each other, we communicate well, and our goals are aligned. We’re a great team because we are both committed to RBG’s standards of excellence.”

RBG Janitorial provides cleaning services to all types of business in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. As a full-service cleaning company, RBG maintenance services include office cleaning, restroom sanitation programs, stripping and waxing tile floors, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and industrial cleaning. Janitorial staffing services range from 24/7 daily cleaning to periodic one-time deep cleaning. All RBG Janitorial employees are uniformed and go through a detailed training program. RBG Janitorial is insured and bonded and complies with all OSHA standards.

Eva explained, “We bring over 40 years’ experience to our industry and take pride in making your building look its best. We offer weekly inspection programs based on management communication with our customers.”

Ron elaborated, “The one thing I have learned over the years is that each one of our accounts has its own personality. What works at one account does not always work at another account. We are very adaptable to what our customers’ needs may be. For example, some companies do not have maintenance staff for minor repairs. Much of this project work is not realized until after we are already cleaning a building. We handle the added light maintenance for our customer. If the work can be done in the cleaning time already scheduled, there will be no charge for this task. The main thing is to keep the site looking its best, because our name is on it, too.”

Ron and Eva can be reached through their website or social media channels.


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