Year in Review: 2018

January 22, 2019, marks the first anniversary of RBG Janitorial. It’s been a breathtakingly exciting year and you have been a part of it!

We thought you’d like to see what we’ve done with our first 12 months.

RBG Janitorial started servicing clients on March 1.

We had 8 employees and 6 clients.

As 2018 closed, we are honored to have 42 employees servicing companies from Chicago to Davenport and from Springfield to Milwaukee.

(Want to read how we started out? Click here.)

A chain of events leading to the area's finest organizations

Possibly the most significant milestone at RBG Janitorial was certification at Federal, State, and multiple local levels as a woman-owned small business (Woman Business Enterprise or WBE). I knew this would be useful in helping our clients meet their diversity requirements, but I did not expect how it would trigger a chain of events that led me to some of the finest organizations in our area!

Giving structure and focus to a small business in a big world

WBE certification connected us with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a joint effort between the State of Illinois, the Chamber of Commerce, and NIU, focused on providing guidance and resources to small businesses. SBDC gurus Bo Boger and Edward Caceres have had a direct influence on our fledgling company.

You already may have met Edward; he’s the one following us around with a camera, helping create RBG videos for training and marketing. Bo works in the background, helping give structure and focus to a small business in a big world. Their mentoring has connected us with other organizations throughout Boone and Winnebago Counties, creating a ripple effect of mutual assistance.

Servicing contracts for the State of Illinois and the US military

One of the connections I made through the SBDC was with Daniel Cugler III, owner of Titan Business Consulting, another SBA here in Rockford. Titan Business Consulting provides total contracting solutions and have been instrumental in coaching me on bidding government contracts. As a former Contract Specialist for the US Air Force, Daniel has profound knowledge of government and military procurement processes. RBG Janitorial now services contracts for the State of Illinois and the US military as a WBE.

Connecting with the community

The SBDC also recommended several relevant business networking groups in the area. One worthy venue is the Salsa Business Network, a group helping to connect within the Latino business community.

At one of Salsa’s monthly business luncheons, I met a charming and capable woman named Cira Bennett. Cira is the Business Services Representative at The Workforce Connection.