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New leadership at RBG Janitorial

RBG Janitorial is now a woman-owned company providing first-rate facility maintenance services in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The new company, based in Belvidere, IL, is led by entrepreneur Eva Kretschmar.

woman holding company logo
Eva Kretschmar, proud owner of RBG Janitorial

Eva's past business successes include WordWorks, a pre-internet hard-copy content and design company, and blueberlin, a translation company based in Germany. She brings cultural diversity, innovative business structuring, and strong leadership to the new company.

RBG Janitorial will emphasize work culture. In Eva's words, "All of our staff are highly trained in the best maintenance methods, that's a given. We also focus on creating a work environment where employees feel they are part of the company's pride."

RBG Janitorial provides daily, nightly, and weekly maintenance for commercial and industrial facilities in the tri-state region of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. In addition to onsite custodians, RBG offers a variety of maintenance services such as floor care and sanitation programs.

Want to work with this exciting new company? Contact them here.


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